UH seeks a President & CEO who can continue to lead the clinical, operational, and financial transformations currently underway throughout the enterprise. As the only public hospital in the State of New Jersey, the hospital plays a critical role in mitigating health disparities, ensuring access to care for all who need it, and working with appropriate public health organizations in the community to optimize preventive health opportunities as well as health outcomes following illness.

UH has recently received significant investment, including investments in advanced and latest generation medical equipment. Additionally, the New Jersey state government authorized funding for the continued support of the hospital. 

The President & CEO will be responsible to the Chair of the Board of Directors for the organization and management of UH in accordance with all applicable laws and the policies established by the Board of Directors, and subject to the direction of the Chair of the Board. The President & CEO provides leadership in support of the Board’s responsibility to develop and periodically review the mission, objectives, and strategic plan of the Hospital as an academic medical center.

Ideal candidates will include those who have a fundamental understanding of urban healthcare operations and delivery as well as engagement with local and state level government officials, and who can navigate successfully on behalf of the patients and employees they serve in this setting; a track record of working productively with academic partners and other key stakeholders; an internal and external relationship builder with a multi-year commitment to the institution and community at large; a history of commitment to patient safety along with the financial and operational leadership experience at a large health care institution, sufficient to be very successful in this regard; and an inspirational executive style that can develop and unite a leadership team to be high performing and collaborative.

Essential Duties & Responsibilities

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Please send qualifications, cover email, and resume to: 

Maureen Ryan Partner, Global Education & Healthcare Services +1 202.517.1247 

John McFarland Partner, Healthcare Practice +1 785.213.2741 

Josh Lewis, PhD Principal, Global Education & Healthcare Services +1 706.207.3519